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Hidden Objects: Puzzle Quest

Size : 164M Version : 1.7.14
Updated : March 31, 2022
Size : 264.2 MB Version : 1.7.15
Updated : Feb 10, 2022

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Harold  ( Age: 40 from Netherlands )

This game is a matching three game, but it is a little different from other games in that it has an adventure element in it. Therefore, in the design of this game, it adopts a very mysterious and attractive high-quality image quality, so players can enjoy the dual fun of solving puzzle and adventure in the process of playing it.

Joyce  ( Age: 38 from Russia )

This item searching game is well designed with time-sensitive gaming sessions, integrating both puzzle solving and items searching. What I enjoy most about this game is the very beautiful and detailed graphics and art works, as well as the diverse locations to seek and find the objects. It is very ambient and atmospheric, letting me get into the zone!

Editing and description of

Hidden Objects: Puzzle Quest is a search and find hidden object puzzle mobile game and it is free-to-play. In the game, we need to find a variety of items hidden in the location. There is very relaxing background music in the game. The background music will change with the atmosphere of the current puzzle environment, and it is quite beautiful in general. As far as the picture quality of the game is concerned, the graphics of each photo in the game is relatively high and the color is usually bright. And each scene is very similar to the real places we see in reality. In the game, we have three free opportunities to have a hint each time, so when we are stuck at a certain level, we might as well make our search journey more efficient and quicker with the help of the hints. The whole game style is very realistic, and it can give us a very unique game experience.

In Google Store, more than 180,000 players rated it, and nearly 90% of them rated it 4 stars or above, and its overall rating was 4.5. Many people liked the design concept of this game very much, and highly praised the image quality and sound effects of this game. Moreover, it ranks high in its same type of search and find games, and it has gained a lot of fans around the world. In addition, the downloads of this game in the United States has been steadily increasing once it was released.

How to play

Generally speaking, things in the game are difficult to find, but this game distinguishes the colors of each item well. Because we are more sensitive to different colors.

In this way, when we are looking for something, we can also search for it according to its color and shape. There are some tips we can use while playing Hidden Objects: Puzzle Quest. First, we must confirm the items we need to find in each level, and then leave a preliminary impression in our mind, which can also save some time. When looking for something, we can look for it in an orderly and purposeful way. Because of the time limit, there will be some frustration when we can't find the prescribed things within the limited time, but we still have to know some patterns to quickly find the items we need. We must pay attention to some easily overlooked places that may be located in the corners of the pictures. There is a high probability that the items we need will be placed there, and sometimes in a scene where we are in a library or a garage. There are many books or sundries in such a scene, which will also cause certain obstacles to our vision. It is also very difficult for us to find out five hidden items. So do not hesitate to use some hints in such situation if you find it hard.And sometimes we can also enjoy the high-definition pictures of this game. Game will take us to different scenes to explore. Places with different scenery are also a distinctive feature of the game.


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