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Hello Neighbor

Size : 61M Version : 1.0
Developer : tinyBuild
Updated : October 18, 2021
Size : 1.7 GB Version : 2.3.1
Developer : tinyBuild
Updated : Sep 21, 2021

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Earl  ( Age: 25 from United kingdom )

This game is very unique and unexpectedly engaging and challenging from time to time. Trying to sneak into your neighbor’s house via different routes, you need to be witty with spontaneous strategy because it’s easy to be caught off guard. It takes multitasking skills to manage a bunch of tasks at the same time: sneaking, hiding, avoiding traps, detecting and escaping. What a game!

Diana  ( Age: 24 from Canada )

Hello Neighbor has a little bit of suspense elements in it, and in the game we need to use some strategic thinking on our own, and also we need to find any tools available in our house to help us figure out the secret of the neighbor's house, this is a game that is very thrilling but also with tons of fun.

Editing and description of

Hello Neighbor is an adventure game with the main puzzle escape. it is also a unique horror adventure game made by Dynamic Pixels, and the game is very strategic at the same time. This work is based on the psychological horror movie of the "Rear Window" type. Players break into a neighbor's house without permission and then find themselves in a death trap. In the game, the protagonist played by the player lives in a peaceful suburban residential area and suspects that his neighbor is hiding a secret in the basement. At this time, your neighbors become alert, and the neighbor AI will not only guess and predict your behavior but also set traps and obstacles to try to catch you alive. Essentially a smaller sandbox game where players strategize against their neighbors in a non-linear setting. The goal of the production team is to create a 10+ hour game flow. During the game, you will switch to new houses and neighbors, and use the secrets hidden in the basement to attract players forward. Developed by tinyBuild and Russian studio Dynamic Pixels. Because of its unique style and unique gameplay, it has attracted the attention of the media and players before its launch. However, the process of research and development can be described as twists and turns. After the failure of crowdfunding in 2016, the development team still gritted their teeth and took two years to complete the project game development.

How to play

First, when people enter the game, the task of first round of the game is to be caught by the neighbors. There are also many small props in the game that can be used to deal with the neighbors. Avoid getting caught by neighbors, there are some tips.  There are many small props in the game, and that can be used to deal with neighbors. When a novice is playing for the first time, we can pay attention to the animal trap at the door of the neighbor's house. This clip will be caught by the neighbor. Also, the door of the robot can learn a skill to push the neighbors. That door is a small game. It is a game after class. During class, only the teacher can walk. When the get out of class is over, students walk and hang up when they touch it. As soon as you enter the door, hide in the locker on the right, wait for class, hide in the closet on the front left, wait until class, and then start running fast. There is also a red key in the car in front of the house, you can open the door in the container on the upper right, and you can learn a skill. You can jump over the ditch in the basement and the container, how can you jump on the roof of the car, go up to the house, open the parachute and jump over, and there is a seed in a separate hut on the roof, and you can plant trees in the neighbor's yard. It can grow very large and useful. It needs to be watered and the top windmill can be stopped with glue. The method is to go to the roof of the car.


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It is so much fun to pay helloff neighbour alone
2022-12-04 04:02:44 From Poland
This game is a good game.
2023-01-08 07:58:33 From SJ
This game is so much fun.
2023-01-08 08:03:59 From Saint John's