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Hay Day

Size : 160M Version : 1.53.46
Developer : Supercell
Updated : December 1, 2021
Size : 245.9 MB Version : 1.53.46
Developer : Supercell
Updated : December 2, 2021

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Douglas  ( Age: 30 from Russia )

This game is a simulation of raising animals on a farm. The biggest highlight of this game is its high-definition image quality, and I feel as a farming game, its high-definition image quality is really unparalleled. Besides, the images of animals here are designed in a very adorable way, and they can make users feel very comfortable while having fun in it.

Diane  ( Age: 33 from Singapore )

This farm running game is definitely a stress reducer because it allows you to get involved in every fun aspect of owning a farm. Farming, building farm facilities, cooking, attending animals, and even more. No worries about being idle in this game because you can always find something fun to do. Yet those tasks in the game is not competitive or stressful, instead, they bring simple joys and satisfaction. 

Editing and description of

This game is a farm management-themed game. It is said that this game is made by the Finnish social game company Supercell. As for the game company Supercell, there are many well-known works, such as Angry Birds, COC, etc., so this is a great game company.


This game has high scores on many platforms, mainly because of its simple and fun operation, cute and delicate cartoon style, and mature trading system. It is said that the game started with only six engineers, but it was completed very well. This game surpasses many games of its kind in terms of screen precision alone. The picture of the game is very beautiful, we can see that the straw is fluttering in the wind, and the feed mill is working in an orderly manner. There are swirling butterflies, all kinds of fresh flowers, and different types of guests from time to time. In the forest, there are also red foxes who come to visit. In short, the farm is full of life and prosperity.


I also have to mention that the developer's processing of music and sound effects is extremely in place. It is also a business game, but this game makes it easy for players to enjoy the rural style full of natural flavors. The developer of the game is like a very good music conductor, and the coordination of multiple voices is seamless. Players can hear the crisp birdsong and clucking hens. These sounds are very good in rendering the atmosphere. They are also accompanied by a relaxing and pleasant soundtrack, which makes players more stretched. Players can even imagine that they are sightseeing on the American farm, and this sense of substitution is very strong.

How to play

The gameplay of this game is also very simple. When the player first enters the game, he will receive a letter saying that your uncle is retiring and he wants you to inherit his farm, so you start your farm management journey. When you are faced with a dilapidated farm, as a novice, you may be overwhelmed, but it does not matter, the scarecrow in the game system will help you and teach you the most basic operation methods, such as sowing seeds, painting houses, reclaiming fields, etc.


This game simulates the labor experience of a real farm. Players need to tap the sickle and slide the screen to harvest rice, players also need to use baskets to collect eggs, use buckets to fill up milk, and so on. Coupled with very realistic graphics and good sound effects, players will have a strong sense of substitution. One player commented that the invention of charging ripe paddy with a fluent swipe rather than an endless click feels great. The trading system of this game is also very mature. Players start with simple tasks, such as feeding animals, such as hens and cows. Players also need to grow crops such as sugar cane, wheat, and millet. They also need to build facilities such as cakes, ovens, and ice cream machines. Once this is done, players can turn fresh produce into delicious food, all in great order.


With so many fruits of labor, players can sell them for money, so this requires the in-game trading system to complete. The trading system provides players with a variety of ways to sell goods. The first one is to process orders from churches, breweries, kindergartens, etc. After the player has the goods ready, they can send the delivery truck to the destination. By the time the truck came back, the goods were already sold out. Players can also set up a roadside vendor to sell the fruits as well. Of course, the roadside vendor needs a certain level to be unlocked. Players can also freely set the selling price within a certain range, and they can earn income. Of course, players can't make the price too high. If you sell a small commodity at a very high price, then you can't sell it. The trading system in the game is very mature, and players can even immerse themselves in this cycle of buying and selling and are reluctant to leave to produce. The more you get into the game, the more you realize the importance of the trading system.


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