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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Size : 7.3M Version : 1.09
Developer : Rockstar Games
Updated : February 6, 2019
Size : 1.2 GB Version : 1.8
Developer : Rockstar Games
Updated : May 21, 2019

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Debbie  ( Age: 32 from Canada )

The whole game has a retro style. The design of the different characters in the game is also rich in variation, and are very attractive. The scenes in the game is highly simulated to that of our real life which can give us an immersive game experience. We can also customize the layout on the game interface that we are more comfortable with.

Vera  ( Age: 29 from England )

This game has very rich elements of adventure, so it definitely does not feel very boring. The whole game is in the third person perspective. The game has a very clear story line as well, and the story is also based on some real world events. In the game, we are a prisoner and have to complete some tasks to regain power. 

Editing and description of

Developed and released by Rockstar Games on the 10th anniversary of the classic video game in the same title, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mobile version is now available on a list of selected mobile device modules across iOS and Android platforms. The game app is offered at 4.99 US dollars per download and there is no further in-app purchase. Since this 1980s class game involves heavy suggestive, violence and crime contents, it has an age limit of 17 year-old. The mobile version of the game keeps the storyline and in-game contents of its PC and console platform versions, and its game control is greatly simplified to better cater to the players on their mobile devices with smaller screens. The story background is still the familiar one: players play as the character Tommy and start the game as Tommy arrives the Vice city Florida from his imprisonment. The game’s ultimate goal is to take over the criminal power of the city through the completion of each individual and interconnected missions. This game is a well-establishment video game with profound gameplay and rich contents. Therefore, this mobile version although eases off the control mechanism for players on the go, it can still be quite grand and complicated for new players. This is because the game adopts an open-world gameplay while the narratives are multi-layered and intriguingly waves into the large number of missions. Besides, the game control combines vehicle maneuvering with on-site combating with weapons, which adds the challenging level to its gameplay. That being said, this game is still a classic and its mobile version is certainly an endeavor for both the developers and the players. 

How to play

The mobile version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City adopts a simple game control. Players only need to touch the screen of their devices to perform a number of different actions. Among them, the most central motion controls are vehicle maneuvering and combat shooting. This game has an extensive collection of vehicles modules and types including cars, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks and so on. In certain missions, there are even boats and helicopters. The game is progressed via the successful completion of each individual mission. Some of those missions are based on the storylines while others are related to certain assets. There are altogether 25 story-based missions where players take the tasks and fulfill them while unfolding interactive and engaging narratives about the character. Those missions can be scattered around different locations and areas of the Vice city, involving different incidents and figures. However, the vehicle and the combat are generally the center of the gameplay regardless of the setting and plot of those missions. Meanwhile, there are 17 asset missions with 24 sub-missions under those categories. This type of mission involves different physical entities and locations, such as factory, corporation, clubs and studios etc. They are generally heavily crime-themed with graphic violence and suggestive contents. Overall, the consistent storytelling is about the one main character rising up from the Vice City and throughout all his struggles and fights, he eventually captures the power and absolute control of the crime underworld. 


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