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Grab Master!

Size : 197M Version : 3.6
Developer : Supersonic Studios LTD
Updated : April 4, 2022
Size : 653.6 MB Version : 2.8
Developer : Supersonic Studios LTD
Updated : April 4, 2022

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George  ( Age: 21 from America )

Grab Master! has a very simple gameplay. In the game, we can make the role interact with people or objects. And we can have different role choices as well. Also the operation is also very smooth, so we can have a lot of fun in it. In addition, the visuals of the game is very clear and delicate which can make us have a good visual experience.

Donna  ( Age: 23 from America )

"Grab Master!" is a casual game. It often makes people laugh. The story takes place in a modern city. Children who are unwilling to go to school are sent to the car, thieves are sent to the police, and white-collar workers who are unwilling to go to work are sent to the company. Helping others is either an act of righteousness or courage, but a reason for joy.

Editing and description of

Grab the master, grab everything, and win! Grab Master is a very easy-to-play game that can be used for entertainment or to increase your wits. By the way, it scored 4.2 out of five! The game is very interesting, the content is very rich, and the level settings are carefully designed. Players will experience the thrill of grabbing things here, just like we grab dolls in our daily life. After the game starts, the character the player sees will automatically run forward. When he runs to a specific area, the player needs to use his big hand to grab different things and tap the screen. If the player wants to improve their level of operation, then you need to spend more time on this game and understand what can be grabbed and how to use your advantage to grab them quickly. After the player has a certain level of proficiency, he can help the character move forward. Only through continuous practice can players quickly surpass the opponent's speed set by the system and achieve success. Of course, like many games, the player's challenges are physically exhausting. Friends do not miss it, please. Come and download it and try it.


One of my favorite and surprising things about the game is how creative it is. The idea that players will appear as big hands in this game is magical. Hands are one of the most important and common parts of our body. Although it is difficult to perceive the importance of hands in our daily life. In this game, players will experience the fun and irreplaceable role of the palm.


The overall style of the game is fresh colors with weird characters. The 3D cartoon style shortens the distance between the game and the players for the characters and various animals and plants in the game, and it is easier for the players to play the game immersive.


The character designs are very stickman-like, with red hair, slender torsos, and absurd costumes giving it a unique feel. The colors of the game are fresh, not gritty like a pixel game, nor the delicate, attention-to-detail like a movie. On the contrary, the three-dimensional feeling and the jelly-like texture will make players feel both innocence in childhood and mature in the face of reality.

How to play

The game team designed many different game scenarios. Players will interact and cooperate with various elements in the scene in different scenarios to help them accomplish different game goals. A mother was waking her child up, saying, "It's time to go to school!” Then her kid replied: “Let me sleep, I do not want to go to school. Then the palm appears, and the little girl is pulled up from the bed, dressed, and the schoolbag on her back. In the end, the palm successfully sent the little girl to school. The whole game process is hilarious. I think it helps kids develop good habits and promote their goal awareness in young children.


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