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Geometry Dash

Size : 85M Version : 2.111
Developer : RobTop Games
Updated : November 15, 2017
Size : 97.2 MB Version : 2.11
Developer : RobTop Games
Updated : Nov 16, 2017

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Luna  ( Age: 29 from Canada )

The whole game is very interesting, and the whole gameplay is based on a very simple concept. In the game you will not feel any delay. And there are hardly any ads to disturb your game process. So it is a suitable game to pass the time. And the whole game styles are relatively clean and simple, so we can have an immersive game experience.

Sally  ( Age: 28 from America )

The whole control in the game is to control the boulder which is heavy and bulky. And in the game you must try to go farther. Also you can squash those zombies who try to block you. While playing the game you can also use some skills, such as sometimes you let the gravity control, instead of pressing the screen all the time.

Editing and description of

Geometry is developed and offered by  Rebert Topala (“RobTop”) and it was first released in 2013. It is a running game with music-performing features. This mobile game is available for iOS, Android and Window phone users and its PC version is available on Steam. It can be downloaded on the above mentioned app stores at a one-time charge of 1.99 US dollars without further in-app purchase. The game is fun and engaging to play with a relatively simple motion control and achievable objectives on a level basis. The main goal of the game is to maneuver an in-game icon of certain form (there are 7 forms in total and players will unlock new forms as they progress through) and guide its motions based on the soundtrack music of each level while avoiding the obstacles on the run. There are currently 21 official levels with 18 of them being automatically available upon installing the app, and 3 more remaining secretive for unlock. What’s more, this game encourages users to create their own soundtracks and music courses and to share those with other players. Such openness helps generate a large collection of user contributions to the gaming community where players can provide their own customized items to others and take the challenges from their fellow players. This game although adopts a running game mechanism, yet it is heavily featured by musicality with decently well-selected in-game soundtracks, not to mention those numerous user-created ones. Geometry Dash is definitely an enjoyable game for players to give it a go. 

How to play

The game control of Geometry Dash is rather simple. Mobile players only need to touch their device screen to perform a number of motion changes, particularly the frequent jumping and leaping. The game is progressed through the completion of objectives level by level. Although there are 6 official difficulty ranges across the 18 open levels (with 3 levels in each difficulty scope), the basic gameplay and mechanism remain consistent. The game display is horizontal and the running progress can be viewed from left to right. Essentially, players navigate their in-game icon through the running track in correspondence with the beats and rhythms of the music. It is important to control the motions in a way that it seamlessly matches the music with perfect timing. Meanwhile, players also need to avoid various obstacles on their route. Once they bump into any obstacle, they immediately lose the track and have to restart the level all over again. These obstacles vary from level to level and the complicity escalates as the difficulty levels up. Upon successfully completion of each level, players will be given rewards, normally in the form of in-game currencies witch which they can purchase items from 3 shops. Besides, playing through the first 18 official levels also enables players to gather up 3 secret coins that are essential in unlocking the left 3 secret levels. Meanwhile, if players get stuck at certain level and can’t make a progress, they may opt for the practice mode where they can repeat their trails and errors at ease without worrying about the game result. Furthermore, as players level up, they also get to unlock new forms of their gaming icon, known as the “vehicle”. Different types of vehicle can adapt to different landscapes of the running terrain. 


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It’s a great game and you’ll love the game if you jump and other stuff too
2023-03-02 11:23:15 From Illinois