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Gacha Club

Size : 100M Version : 1.1.0
Developer : Lunime
Updated : October 1, 2020
Size : 180.4 MB Version : 2.0
Developer : Lunime
Updated : Aug 17, 2020

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Eric  ( Age: 25 from China )

Gacha Club has a really adorable anime style, including the characters and scene designs of the game, which appear quite attractive. And the biggest highlight of this game is that it allows players to customize our characters. This game gives players a lot of options to customize their characters, including the appearance of the characters and their clothes, and so on.

Virginia  ( Age: 25 from Croatia )

It is beyond my expectations that I am able to do so many different things in this cutely featured game. I have a loads of fun decorating and personalizing my characters from hair to the toes, and it’s unbelievable that all the customization options are free. Plus, I can display and interact with my characters on Studio Mode and even take them to battle for extra excitement. 

Editing and description of

Gacha Club is a very interesting simulation dress-up game. Its painting is mainly cartoon style, and its gameplay is very diverse. There are also a lot of beautiful elements in the game. Players can experience a lot of gameplay in the game, such as adventure alone or collecting super interesting pets and materials. Players can also challenge the characters to pinch their faces, dress up or raise pets, etc.


This game also pays great attention to the social functions of players in the game. Players can invite other friends to play together, which is very happy. At the same time, I also like the style of this game very much since it is a very simple anime style, mainly pink and blue backgrounds. There are a lot of character choices in our menu. The background music of this game is very rhythmic. When players listen to this rhythmic music, they will consciously shake their bodies and feel very relaxed. The background music of this game is also cartoon style, mainly some English songs. I often learn this song automatically when I listen to this song as I play this game, so I think this is a very nice point. These music effects can also help players immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game

How to play

The gameplay of this game is very simple. First of all, you can create your favorite anime characters here, and you can also join the party with other players. In this game, there are many fashionable costumes and accessories, and there are thousands of sets of costumes that players can choose and match freely. When you turn on the automatic camera function, you can also map the real scene in the game. You can raise a small pet and buy your favorite furniture to decorate the house, which can be very unique. Players can add a narrator to create storytelling scenes. There are many choices in these scenes, which means that the game model is very rich, and you can use your imagination to create various DIY creations. For example, you can use the face preset to quickly change the face function, and then make the character's face constantly produce new changes. You can import and export your friends' characters and play with them. You can save a lot of game scenes in the game, up to 15, in this kind of continuous selection among a variety of backgrounds.


Some small games in the game are very interesting. You can choose to fight with different friends or characters, and if you win, you will get a certain level upgrade or an increase in points. If you fail, there are also some corresponding penalties. As the level is upgraded, the difficulty of the game will become higher and higher, and the challenge will become stronger and stronger. But it will be more interesting and richer. Our different game characters correspond to different levels. Different game characters can increase their combat value, improve their aggression and endurance, and then improve our game experience.


The progress bar at the top of the game screen can check the number and proportion of our victory or defeat. Every game, we will see the result of the game is factory or loser. Several buttons in the upper right corner can view our attack value, health value, and other parameters. There are eight or nine characters at the bottom of the game interface for players to choose from. We can choose to fight against different opponents according to the characteristics of different characters, so this game still requires players to have a certain wisdom. On the whole, this game is very easy to get started, but if you want to play it particularly well, it also requires a lot of intelligence and skills.


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J'lynn Powell 
What I like about this game is it is just so fun, and all these characters are cool
2022-05-10 07:09:11 From Blue Springs, MO