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Frozen Honey ASMR

Size : 85M Version :
Developer : CrazyLabs LTD
Updated : March 18, 2022
Size : 140.5 MB Version : 0.1.8
Developer : CrazyLabs LTD
Updated : Mar 23, 2022

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Michael  ( Age: 24 from Australia )

This game can well simulate the process of making honey, and while playing the game, we can feel that our pressure has been greatly released. This is because the menu of this game is very simple, and the materials for making honey are also very rich. Moreover, the background music of this game is also very clean, which can let us have a very immersive experience of making honey.

Elizabeth  ( Age: 25 from Denmark )

Try this innovative ASMR game and have a satisfying visual and audio experience exactly like the feeling you got by watching ASMR videos on Tiktok. This game is more than an ASMR game but features hands-on gameplay in which you could make your own frozen honey and squeeze the jelly out like what people do in their Tiktok videos. Have fun with multiple choices of ingredients.

Editing and description of

Frozen Honey ASMR is a free-to-play fun and addictive video game released by Crazy Labs Ltd. So far this game has gained huge popularity in many countries.

Frozen Honey ASMR is related to frozen honey making as the name suggests. It is a suitable game to play when we want to relax ourselves or want to kill some time with friends. Generally speaking, the art style of this game is very simple and concise, and its overall rhythm is not very tense, so when we play, we don't feel that we are under the pressure that we need to achieve any goals. We can totally enjoy the process of making frozen honey. The overall graphics and items designed of the game is very delicate, so it gives players a quite good feeling. Things we need, including the bottles needed for the game, ingredients and so on are designed in high quality. When we see them, we will also feel very relaxed. Because this is a game about making honey, we need to use different ingredients. This game also gives us a lot of ingredients to choose from. And it is worth mentioning that the sound effect of this game is also very beautiful and gripping. If you play this game at night, you can feel that the sound effect of this game is very peaceful, which can let you relax your mood quickly. Moreover, the rewards given by the game is also very rich. After we make the moving honey, we will give it to our guests to taste, and then they will also show some joy after tasting it. At this time, we are also very relieved to see our work get good evaluations.

How to play

In the game Frozen Honey ASMR, our role is a frozen honey maker. We can make frozen honey in various flavors with the bottles provided by the game. At the beginning, we can choose any bottles that we like. These bottles may have different shapes and colors. Secondly, we will also have different fruits, syrups and other necessary choices, which we can choose according to our own preferences. Then we need to squeeze the fruit and some ingredients into our bottles to mix them together. After all of these, we will put the bottles in the refrigerator to freeze. So that after a certain time, it will become a very delicioushoney jelly. The whole process is very relaxing and comfortable, and it allows us to release the pressure. After completing these steps, we can let our guests taste him. At this time, we will find out whether they like the honey we made. As long as we make it carefully and seriously, their feedback will be very good. What I need to tell you is that we may as well use some sweet ingredients, which will help us get better feedback. We can also see that there are different players on many social platforms to share some frozen honey they designed. It is also fun to exchange our game experiences with them.


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