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Fishing Food

Size : 29M Version : 229.0.0
Developer : Diced Pixel, LLC
Updated : September 11, 2021
Size : 50 MB Version : 229.0.0
Developer : Diced Pixel, LLC
Updated : Sep 12, 2021

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Terry  ( Age: 33 from Korea )

This game captures me for two things: super mega adorable foods that walk and talk like amusing cartoon characters, and the hilarious conversation and clever puns you pick up here and then throughout the game. The cute imagery design gives me so much comfort and healing power; and the nice verbal touches add so much quick wits and twists to this seemingly silly little game. 

Heather  ( Age: 27 from New Zealand )

The picture quality of Fishing Food is very delicate, and the animation is very smooth, which can make you feel no delay while playing the game. And every character in this game is designed to be very cute. We can find that the gameplay of the game is very simple, basically just fishing food out of the sea. And it also allows us to play without an internet connection.

Editing and description of

Fishing Food is a relaxing idle mobile game developed by Diced Pixel,LLC and it is downloadable on both Google Play and App Store. As its name suggests, it is a fishing game where players help their cat character to go fishing foods that can walk and talk from the ocean. It has a cute and lighthearted game plot where foods eat foods of its kind to generate coins with which players can level up their fishing gears, rod capacity, fishing dearth and unlock many other perks. Apart from the main gameplay, players can also unlock mini games and doing other side business such as running an offline café that helps you feed your foods with drinks so that you remain profitable while you’re off the game. This game is also very hilarious as players can talk to those adorable foods who throw jokes and clever puns here and there, a very nice touch to the game! In general, players quite enjoy this funny easy fishing game and some of them can even get a bit addicted to it. The most well received feature of the game is the cleverness of the language, which often times gives players good laughters and creates a totally delightful and lighthearted gaming atmosphere. 

How to play

Fishing Food has a very simple gaming-control for any player to start playing. You simply cast your fishing hook into the ocean where you can navigate your gear left and right or in any direction to locate your targets. Those targets include foods and also other items such as treasure chests. Once your catch reaches its maximum hook capacity, your cat will start to reel up the catch and you can feed your foods with newly caught ones accordingly. Feeding generates profit coins with which you can upgrade better fishing kits and accessories; more importantly, you can use your coins to expand the hook capacity and your fishing depth. This allows you to catch more items each time you cast your rod and you can also fish in deeper part of the ocean where you are more likely to discover new types of foods and perks. Some of the very useful perks include shovels with which you can unlock mini games where you can win even more rewards, such as customs and accessories for your cat. Other perks are treasure chest which contains boosters that are valid one-time off. With those incentives, you can make more progress and level up faster in your games to earn more profits, which in turn helps you discover and unlock more new items and gaming territories. It is a positive gaming circle. Apart from these, while players are off the game, the café can still produce drinks to serve the foods which continues to generate some downtime coins. All in all, it is a interconnected gaming mechanism and players can be kept preoccupied to navigate through the game. 


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