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Fashion Queen Catwalk

Size : 105M Version : 1.0.10
Developer : Game Another
Updated : March 28, 2022
Size : Version :
Developer : Game Another
Updated :

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Justin  ( Age: 19 from Japan )

This game is so captivating and challenging as it requires you to remember and understand a given theme and pick items to dress up accordingly. It’s more than a mindless plastic modeling game, rather, it trains your sense of styles and decision-making in the given time slot. It’s definitely a fun and effective way to be one step closer to a fashion-savvy Queen! 

Julie  ( Age: 19 from Ireland )

Fashion Queen Catwalk can make you have a better fashion sense. In this game, you can choose your own favorite characters, and then each character is in a really cute design and has its own characteristics, including their skin color, hairstyle, etc. You also feel a sense of accomplishment when you see your character win during the catwalk competition.

Editing and description of

Fashion Queen Catwalk is a casual mobile game offered by Game Another. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms with an average 4 out of 5 rating in major app stores. This game is themed on fashion and stylish dressing according to different given scenarios. Players get to choose from a massive collection of outfit items, accessories and make-ups to make themselves more attractive than their competitors, and match the occasions and themes they’re prompted with while walking. This game might be of the interest for those who love fashion trends and enjoy matching apparels and dressing attractively. What’s more, making charming decisions while performing an eye catching and attention drawing supermodeling is a cool experience for all the fashion-savvy players. With a few easy steps and casual control of the game interface, your dream of dressing like a chic queen will soon become true. This game generally receives positive reviews from a relatively large group of users, who find this game fun to play as it offers a wide range of options for players to opt for and choose from. Not only can they select different items and accessories from the collection, but also they will be given diverse enough themes and scenarios, according to which the dressing decisions will be made. To make the sensible decisions and boost up your charms, players need to make decisions all the time. The final result and fashion performance of your choices will decide your charm level in the challenge, which either beats your competitor or not. As you are getting more seasoned in dressing up accordingly, you can unlock more outfits and relevant items and start your challenge with a bit more edge than others. The gameplay is quite straightforward and easy for spontaneous control. 

How to play

Fashion Queen Catwalk is a decision-based game which proceeds through level by level. The gaming mechanism is quite straightforward and simple: players have to make appropriate and good decisions in order to outscore their competitors and move to the next gaming level; the more levels they get into, the more items and options they can unlock, which in turn would boost up players’ charm and charisma that give them a starting advantage in each level.

To play the game, each time players start a new level, they are given a specific theme while they are walking down the way. They need to pay attention to the prompt of the themes and scenarios so that they can make corresponding choices later when they’re given the options to dress themselves up accordingly. Their picks of clothing, shoes, accessories must serve the theme and occasion properly. Most of the time, those prompts are very basic and obvious. Players at this point don’t really need to be fashion savvy to make a “right” call, although in order to level up their tastes and attractiveness, a refined taste with nice touches is absolutely on the money! Players also need to be careful that they are only given a specific amount of time to choose items and dress up. When time is up, they must be ready to showcase, otherwise, the challenge is failed. Therefore, in general the gameplay and mechanism are uncomplicated. players just need to bear three things in mind: be aware of the themes; choose the suitable and stylish items to match the themes; and complicate the task on time. 


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