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Fashion Princess

Size : 121M Version : 1.0.22
Developer : Hello Games Technology Co.,Ltd
Updated : January 14, 2022
Size : 528.6 MB Version : 1.0.15
Developer : Hello Games Technology Co.,Ltd
Updated : January 14, 2022

Blogger Recommendations

Arthur  ( Age: 18 from Iceland )

This game meets all your imaginations and inspirations for styles and attractiveness. Either you are a huge fan of dressing-up; or you are simply curious about the visual effects from the most unusual and bold combinations of items that go beyond your dreams in real life, you should give this game a try to see the limitless potentials and surprises you might find in the world of fashion. 

Alice  ( Age: 24 from Finland )

Fashion Princess allows you to dress up your character in the game. From hairstyles to clothing, you can dress her up as the way you like. You can even change the environment she's in, and you can also choose specific outfits for some special occasions. And you can find there are many stunning gowns for the prom, so you can choose one for her to join the dancing.

Editing and description of

This game is a very fashionable make-up and dress-up game, it is fashion-themed. This game is more inclined to female users, and it is a very relaxed and casual mobile game. In this game, players can choose their favorite clothes and build their fashion style. Players can also choose different makeup styles, such as lipstick, eye shadow, highlight, and so on. Players can also play this diverse dress-up game with fashionistas from all over the world.


This game has a lot of options for makeup and hairstyles, and players can freely match them as they wish. Players can start the game anytime and anywhere. The main background settings of this game are very simple, mainly to welcome some pop singer contests and movie star award ceremonies, so players need to match the decoration and makeup for the princess according to the needs of each occasion. This requires players to choose a suitable dress for the princess in combination with each specific occasion. Every level has a separate wardrobe where players can choose from dresses, tops, jackets, shawls, veils, and so on, as well as dozens of chic hairstyles, fancy shoes, stylish handbags, luxurious jewelry, and more accessories. Of course, you can also choose your character's race. For example, you can choose different skin tones for girls, such as white, black, yellow, etc.

How to play

The gameplay of this game is very simple. At the beginning of the game, the player will select a character, and then make certain measurements on the character, such as measuring the princess' shoulder width, bust, waist, hip and leg length, etc. These measurement data can be saved because it will be convenient for us to choose different clothes for the princess in the later stage. These clothes must be in line with her body proportions to wear and produce good results.


After that, players can choose their favorite fabrics, as well as decorations, etc. Players can use sewing machines, scissors, etc. to create favorite clothes for their characters. The game system will give us a lot of prompts, we just need to follow the prompts to complete. We can not only make clothes for our characters by ourselves but also choose clothes of our favorite style in the mall to dress up our princess. For example, we can choose different gloves, different high heels, hairstyles, skirts, necklaces, etc. These can be selected according to our preferences.


When we choose all the costumes and outfits for the princess, we feel a great sense of accomplishment. Everyone's aesthetics are different, so everyone's dress for the princess is also different. We can save our work as a picture, so we can save it or share it with our friends so that our friends can see the fruits of our labor. This process also increases the frequency of our interactions with our friends. Overall, we'll see the final refined look of the princess we've dressed up. We can also adjust some of its decorations. For example, after selecting the costume, click on the same type of costume to replace the princess' original costume until we are satisfied.


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