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Family Island™ — Farming game

Size : 94M Version : 2022140.0.15993
Developer : Melsoft Games Ltd
Updated : April 4, 2022
Size : 492.8 MB Version : 2022142.0.16172
Developer : Melsoft Games Ltd
Updated : April 6, 2022

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Lawrence  ( Age: 30 from Poland )

This game is so much fun and impossible to stop playing as it well satisfies your sense of achievement and it stimulates you to keep trying and fulfilling different quests. With specific goal and expectation, you can get predictable rewards from it. Meanwhile, the unfolding pieces of plot as you play along the game also gives you incentives to keep going. 

Mildred  ( Age: 25 from Norway )

Family Island™ — Farming game is a very test of our survival ability. Because we are supposed to survive and lead a life without all the conveniences of modern life in the desert. But we can see creatures in the desert that we haven't seen before, or we can use some materials and then cook ourselves. And we can even build our own houses as our shelters.

Editing and description of

Releases by Melsoft Games Ltd., Family Island - Farming Game is a casual mobile game with storytelling and fun adventures on the desert island , where players have to fulfill various tasks and take on cool adventures without the support of modern technology. The game unfolds its stories through various tasks, requests, events and adventures. Players can enjoy different types of game contents while they’re playing and making progress in the story. Those things include various elements, such as explorations, farming activities, business exchange and cooking; besides, players can also get involved in interactions with others, such as helping your neighbor family to set up on the island. What’s more, players can also enjoy the fun and beauty of personalizing their island landscapes, for example, they can select the plants and vegetation of the land, and they can also pick decorative items for their village to suit their tastes. They will also from time to time encounter with unexpected events, run into unique animals, which adds more fun and twists to this relaxing game. The market receiving for this game is generally quite positive with large number of downloads and higher than average rating scores on various platforms. Players mostly enjoy the way the story is told and building up  through their involvement in the game. The narrative and the gameplay coordinate quite well and generate a more engaging gaming mechanism. 

How to play

Family Island -Farming Game is a fun adventure with fascinating story gradually unfolding as players get further into the game plot. The game stories and plots are waved into the tasks and events in the game. As players achieve the goals and meets the requests, they move forward and level up in the game; at the same time, they discover more untold stories bit by bit. In order to move on and level themselves up in the game, players need to earn enough experience points, which can be gained through various ways. The most primary source for experience points is from fulfilling the requests on the island. Usually players would be assigned with various requests on their home island, and usually they’re asked to craft something to complete their given task. If they find no on-going quests on their home island, then they should set off to another island to explore and find knew gigs. Besides, players can also obtain experience points via other means, including resource collecting, workshop and building upgrades, as well as trading resources with others. Oftentimes, players stay on their home island and other quest islands to fulfill those tasks and take on activities to earn points to level up. However, sometimes they also travel to special event islands. Some of those islands are related to regular and recurring events, which means players can travel back and forth to those places regularly; others are irregular and only available for a limited slot of time. In case of these events, players need to seize up the chances to complete their special missions so that they can claim some of the most valuable rewards (such as rubies) to boost up their game progress and experience more stories. 


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