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Downhill Smash

Size : 106M Version : 1.5.0
Developer : ZeptoLab
Updated : April 18, 2022
Size : 401.3 MB Version : 1.5.0
Developer : ZeptoLab
Updated : Apr 18, 2022

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Debbie  ( Age: 29 from Canada )

The whole game is very interesting, and the whole gameplay is based on a very simple concept. In the game you will not feel any delay. And there are hardly any ads to disturb your game process. So it is a suitable game to pass the time. And the whole game styles are relatively clean and simple, so we can have an immersive game experience.

Sally  ( Age: 30 from America )

The whole control in the game is to control the boulder which is heavy and bulky. And in the game you must try to go farther. Also you can squash those zombies who try to block you. While playing the game you can also use some skills, such as sometimes you let the gravity control, instead of pressing the screen all the time.

Editing and description of

Developed by ZeptoLab, Downhill Smash is a mobile racing game with a zombie element. It is free for download on iOS and Android platforms with further in-app purchase options. This game incorporates two main objectives into its gameplay: players need to manage to smash, crush and destroy the upcoming zombie crowds as they slide down the hill slope while they also need to watch out and dodge the devastation of landslides. Therefore, it essentially adopts a classic racing game mechanism — attacking enemies while dodging obstacles in limited amount of time/energy span. What’s more, to eliminate the zombie groups and avoid landslides, players also need to think and prepare strategically. They have to strike a balance between boosting up damage levels with weapons and avoiding landslides with adequate jumping. This takes a good strategy and plenty of practice to get the hang of it. Meanwhile, the gaming sessions are also time-ticking even though there is not a real timer in the game, yet players have a limit on their fuel within which they must accomplish their task before the fuel runs out. Apart from the actual gaming session, players can also take on some extra missions and special quests, which are not mandatory tasks in the game, yet they promise larger lucrative rewards for players who are willing to go for an extra mile for the extra challenge and fun. All in all, Downhill Smash is a fun and engaging racing game with its special motion mechanism and gameplay. Unlike most racing games that adopt a platform (horizontal or forward) racing route, this mobile game takes place on a slope of hill where players drop by gravity.

How to play

The game control of Downhill Smash is rather conventionally simple for mobile game players who mainly tap and hold in-game targets through screen-touching motion control. The goal of the game is to manage both zombie and landslides at the same time. To achieve this two-front goal, players must think strategically and take movement accordingly. On the one hand, as they move down the hill by gravity, they’ll encounter large crowds of zombies moving upward towards the player. In this confrontation, players have only one goal— to eliminate those zombie enemies as many as they can. The most effective weapon to serve this purpose is the gigantic round stone known as the “boulder” that can crush through the zombie army. There are also other smaller-sized weapons attached to the boulder pack such as axes and fuel. Axes can enhance the damage level the boulder causes to enemy targets, while fuel is of great importance in adding the capacity of the racing session, because the gameplay ends when the fuel runs out. There are also many other useful tools and skills players can add into their arsenal for each level of challenge. Energy kit helps them run down faster to save fuel and “mass” tool powers up the damage too. Plus, players also need to consider their escaping skills in case of landslides. Jumping is a key motion they need in order to dodge that. Therefore, as players proceed into higher levels, they must prepare their boulder weapon kit carefully and include necessary items and skills for a safe ride. Also, players can actively participate in various voluntary missions and quests to earn more rewards, which can be useful in upgrading in-game weapons and skills needed for harder challenges. 


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