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Destiny 2 Companion

Size : 46M Version : 14.6.5 build #2086
Developer : Bungie, Inc.
Updated : March 24, 2022
Size : 142.8 MB Version : 6.6.3
Developer : Bungie, Inc.
Updated : 23 Mar 2022

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Samuel  ( Age: 24 from China )

This supplementary game app serves its assistive  purpose very well. Apart from data checking and track keeping, it literally makes certain tedious tasks easier to manage on the app. Saves quite a lot of time and energy on those logistic technicalities. Besides, the most awesome feature is the social networking role it plays, which makes it always so easy to get connected with your gaming buddies and other friends.

Evelyn  ( Age: 24 from America )

Destiny 2 Companion is an interesting game. In the game, you are able to choose a tribe based on your preference, and if you do not like any of them, you can also create your own clan. After you are in a clan, you must be responsible for your our own tribe , which is to let it continue to develop with your clanmates.

Editing and description of

Released by Bungie,Inc., this mobile app is an assistive supplement for players to better stay connected to their Destiny 2 game on other platforms such as Steam, PlayStation and Xbox Live etc. With this app, users can have an easy access to their real-time gaming status and inventory as well as the latest events in the gaming community. It ensures on-the-go users to be aware of their game progress around the clock on different mobile devices. Players can check and acquire a comprehensive dimension of information and contents relating to their game through this lite mobile portal that connects the users to the massive catalogue of gaming statistics. The purpose and functions of the app are well defined and its performance matches its aims. Generally speaking, it receives an averagely positive rating on major app stores and rating websites, and it does serve its assistive and companion roles to provide an all-around gaming service and experience for Destiny 2 players whenever and wherever. Plus, as a mobile app, it also incorporates and optimizes the function of interaction among friends and players in the gaming community. With the app on the go, players can stay better connected with others in sharing, friendly competition and other interesting events. 

How to play

Serving as an organic part of the actual game Destiny 2 Companion, this app allows players to quickly check their status, inspect weapons and gears, and  manage their events and requests on the go and on their handy devices. You don’t actually play the whole game on the app, but you can obtain necessary game related contents to keep up with the gaming progress and other events while you’re not on those gaming platforms. There are various types of things you can do with this mobile app. First, it allows you to conveniently inspect the Guardian and your weapons inventories. That way, you can manage your Vaut anytime you want and have all the items clearly displayed on hand for easier organization and dispose. Besides, it saves players a lot of time to save their amors and gears obtained through this short-cut in the portal. What’s more, keeping on track of your own real-time progress, stats and rankings is important for players to maintain better performance and competitiveness in the game. It also makes sure that players wouldn’t miss out any rewards and bounties to their rights and the on-going new developments and events in the game while they’re off the platforms. For example, they can check plenty of Grimoire cards and scores through the app. Besides, players can browse through their armory items and new gears from the vendors effortlessly as if they’re navigating through the interface. Last but not least, with the app, players can be even more interactive and active in the gaming community where they can easily contact others and quickly join a clan or create their own fireteam, which encourages players to take their own initiatives whenever they want. 


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