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Size : 62M Version : 1.6.4
Developer : PIKPOK
Updated : April 4, 2022
Size : 152.2 MB Version : 1.6.4
Developer : PIKPOK
Updated : April 4, 2022

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Russell  ( Age: 33 from France )

This game can let you see all kinds of ducks in different styles, some of which are dressing like a rapper and some of which are with crowns on their heads, so you can feel easily amused when playing the game. Moreover, the gameplay is relatively simple, and you just need to ensure that there are enough ducks in this venue.

Denise  ( Age: 24 from Germany )

At first I thought this game was a bit weird as it is about hatching loads of ducks and have them mutate into different variants beyond your wildest dream. Soon I am hooked by the fun and clever intro of each type of unusually mutated ducks. On top of this multiplication goal, an even more lurking secret is slowly unfolding. 

Editing and description of

Clusterduck is an evolutionary game with a duck as the protagonist. In reality, we often discuss whether a duck or an egg first appears in the world. But the background of this game is that there are eggs first. After an egg hatches a duck, the duck will grow up slowly and lay eggs in the nest. The duck eggs need to be hatched before they change into a duck. Every duck egg needs to be hatched to become a duck. The hatching time is long or short, and what is the duck that hatches from the duck egg? No one knows either. Because of the evolution of organisms from generation to generation, some accidental events will inevitably occur, and a certain duck may mutate into a new style of duck at a certain moment.


There are a lot of ducks in this game. Players can breed ducks to produce different breeds of ducks. They can also arrange levels for the ducks to continuously unlock various new duck breeds. The ducks in this game are composed of three parts, head, wings, and body, each part has hundreds of different shapes, so players will randomly combine these parts, you will get various Various ducks. Their appearance is very diverse and very cute, even if they have unicorn horns on their heads or strange decorations on their wings, etc. These characteristics will make these ducks look very cute and cute. But the living space of ducks is limited, and at most 25 ducks can exist at the same time. If players want to collect more strange ducks, they must throw some ducks into the hole and sacrifice some ducks to make room for new ducks.

How to play

The gameplay of this game is also very simple, to put it bluntly, it is to collect different kinds of ducks. There are two main ways to collect all kinds of ducks. The first is to collect through the illustrated book, that is, we collect different pictures, and then combine these pictures into new ducks. Another way is to smash the duck eggs, and the ducks will hatch, but we can't keep smashing the duck eggs all the time, because the duck eggs take a little time to hatch, and it takes a long time for us to finish knocking a duck egg each time. And then the duck eggs will mature and we can hatch new ducks. Players can also watch some advertisements, and then get some permissions, which can speed up the maturation of duck eggs and accelerate our hatching of new ducks.


There are also some cloning functions in the game. We can choose our favorite duck, and then click to clone so that we can rely on a new duck. But personally, I don't like this form of cloning very much, because I still prefer to get new species by collecting pictures or hatching duck eggs. After all, I don't know what the shape of the duck I want is. Let me have the feeling of drawing a blind box, there will be a feeling of surprise.


There are various types of pictures of ducks because ducks are made up of three parts: head, wings, and body. And these three parts have different shapes, mainly divided into simple, complex, epic, and some legendary. These levels are all different, which means that there are some duck shapes, such as the legendary level, which is very rare. Players need to play for a long time, maybe to get an epic duck head or wings. There is a magical hole at the bottom of the main screen. The function of this hole is to recycle the ducks thrown by the player. Because only 25 ducks can be allowed to move here on this screen, when we drive a new duck, we want to replace it. When we drop the duck we don't like, we can drag the duck we don't like and put it in the hole, then the duck will disappear. After we throw the ducks we don't like into the hole, some strange cursed ducks will appear in the hole, and these cursed ducks will attack our ducks, so what the player has to do is to keep Tap and knock these ducks that come out of the well and knock them back, otherwise the other ducks will be in danger. I think this is a good game point and adds a lot of fun.


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