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Castle Story™

Size : 65M Version : 2.3.1
Developer : Storm8 Studios
Updated : July 31, 2019
Size : 181.7 MB Version : 2.3.3
Developer : Storm8 Studios
Updated : May 20, 2020

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Billy  ( Age: 24 from United States )

The characters and castles in the game have some Disney styles, and the graphic quality is great. We can invite good friends to join our game as well. We can use the map to explore the castle and the places around the castle. At the same time, we can also decorate the palace by ourselves. We can put some equipment such as fence to enhance our defense ability.

Janice  ( Age: 31 from United Kingdom )

Castle Story™ is a game about building a kingdom. Players will develop castles and lands and meet charming game characters. Players will be able to enter the crafting workshop to make various potions, and experience the castle built using materials. Players can also grow crops and make rich and delicious ingredients from the obtained ingredients. The gameplay is engaging and will give players a more immersive gaming experience.

Editing and description of

Castle Story is a very fun tower defense strategy game. This game has a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode. In addition to choosing game modes such as survival battle and hero survival battle, players can also edit their castles in the game. Players can constantly upgrade their castles, so this is a very creative game.

In this game, players can build their castle and show it to friends. Players can forge armor and refine potions, which will make their armor stronger. In this game, players can experience a rich story while visiting their friends' towns and conducting trade activities.

There are different ways to play this game. Players can also build their city into a magnificent landscape step by step, unlock new characters and gain their use rights in the process of exploring the world. So there are a lot of exploration elements in this game, and this part improves the playability of the game. In addition, the characters in the game are very friendly, and the game characters are more abundant, such as Minions and so on. These characters are very vivid and successful. It is said that this game has been launched in 17 different language versions, including English, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, etc. This game is very popular in many countries, and the game's users are very active.

However, relatively speaking, this game requires lots of patience from players, because players need to spend a lot of time building their castles, exploring mysterious forests, and raising livestock to enrich their kingdom.

How to play

The gameplay of this game is also very classic. It combines the gameplay of the tower defense game and the Angry Birds game. This game is mainly divided into two parts, the first part is that players can summon soldiers and heroes of various professions, and can use the castle as a defensive weapon to resist the soldiers who come to invade. In the second part, players can use various types of attack weapons in the castle to destroy the enemy's castle stronghold. That is to say, in each level, the player must control the crossbow on the gate of the device, and use the joystick to adjust the parabolic line of sight. At the same time, players can make more precise fine-tuning through the cross keys, and some remote sensing can provide left and right movement animations, allowing players to easily grasp the situation of the entire battlefield. However, players need to pay special attention to the fact that once the player points the line of fire at the enemy, press the key to launch a crossbow arrow to kill the enemy. Every time an enemy is killed, the player can get the corresponding gold coins. If the arrow crossbow can be accurately shot to the enemy's head, additional bonuses can be obtained. These gold coins are very important because the number of gold coins will directly affect the evaluation obtained after the game is cleared.


However, due to the skill of artillery, the burst speed of ballistic is limited. If the player accidentally lets the enemy break through the defense line or even takes away the flag representing the control of the castle, then the player is in danger. At this time, the player must press the X button to switch to the conscription menu and send soldiers who can fight on the ground to defend and attack the enemy's invasion, but each soldier sent will consume a population. Because the population is not infinite in a scene, there are up to five populations in a game scene, so the player can only send up to five soldiers, and these soldiers will also consume the food of the castle. As more and more food is consumed, players need to continuously supply the food in the castle, and with different troops. The more advanced the unit will consume more food. The basic infantry units that players can send initially are light infantry, sappers, and heavily armored soldiers, but as the game upgrades or chooses a different faction, players have the opportunity to acquire more powerful units such as magicians or giants.


These soldiers sent by the player cannot continue to control them. These soldiers will only continue to advance towards the enemy camp, and they will encounter battles with the enemy on the way. Unless they pick up or are taken away by the enemy flag, then these soldiers will It will go back to the castle, otherwise, it will keep moving forward, neither defending nor escaping. But if the situation is critical, the player can press the Y key. Switch to the hero menu to summon the heroes of our faction. It is worth mentioning that every time the player accumulates the fifth consecutive kill count, the frenetic burst mode will be activated. During this period, not only many weapons will lose their cooldowns for a short period, but also it is capable of firing up to five shells in a row. This will deal a major blow to the enemy's castle.


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