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Bubble Crush Puzzle Game

Size : 85M Version : 48.0
Developer : BigPeng
Updated : March 29, 2022
Size : Version :
Developer : BigPeng
Updated :

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Victor  ( Age: 29 from Malaysia )

Bubble Crush Puzzle Game is very simple. We only need to aim at the balls of the same color and then pop the balls at our hands to eliminate them as a whole. You can notice the special effects when you are eliminating. Moreover, it won't take you a long time to pass each level, so it's suitable for you when you want to have some rest.

Jane  ( Age: 21 from Mayotte )

It is a traditional get classic match-3 and elimination game that everybody is familiar with. Although there’s no super creative elements of fancy game design, this puzzle game serves its purpose well. People can randomly and casually kill their fragmented time beating some bubble puzzles. It is indeed very easy to play but hard to be a master. 

Editing and description of

Bubble Crush Puzzle Game is a fun casual game where you shoot balls to smash bubbles. Players can tell what the game is about from the name. The game is currently in its infancy, so downloads won't be huge. The game has no age limit, and any player can download the game on a variety of devices and experience the fun of popping bubbles. The game is currently free to download, take the opportunity to experience the game now.


The game incorporates a lot of elements, so it's very creative. Basic match 3 skills to pop or drop colorful bubbles to win levels. The specific operation is easy to use, slide the mouse to connect the bubbles of the same color, you have 60 seconds to crush the bubbles of the same color. Crush big groups and get a lot of points!


The game also provides various modes for players to choose from. For example, players can choose classic, PushColumn, Skyline, or Arcade modes. I believe that different modes will definitely ease the monotonous style and mode of the players playing the game, allowing players to stay in this game and become more and more addicted.


The picture of the game is rich in color, and the bubbles of various colors almost cover the entire screen. There are also different scenarios designed by the designer for different game modes. The game has a yellow background similar to dusk, as well as entwined vines, giving people a feeling of a cozy forest. There is also a blue moon and starry sky background, which gives players a harmonious and quiet atmosphere, which is very suitable for people who are stressed in life. For example, some birds are trapped in a bunch of bubble balls, and the system will prompt you to save these birds. For example, it says: “Match the birds to rescue them.” At this moment, you develop a sense of responsibility and a desire for protection that makes you pop the bubble involuntarily. After the bubbles are eliminated, colorful color bar fragments will appear on the left and right sides of the screen.

How to play

The gameplay of the game is very simple, it doesn't require a lot of manipulation by the player, and it doesn't take too much time. The player only needs to shoot different notes and other game elements to crush various bubbles. Sometimes you will need to adjust the angle and direction of the bottle that shoots the ball to hit the same color bubbles accurately. The game seems to be similar to other casual games, you can enjoy the joy of playing games in your spare time with little investment. This is a game for girls, old people, children, and everyone. Fun game. In the game, players have four exclusive animal companions. You can experience hundreds of well-designed levels, and dozens of interesting element designs. And if players are very interested in the game, they can leave a comment and let the game team hear your voice. Hope they develop a game that is more suitable for you. And the game is still continuously updated, download the game quickly, and look forward to the launch of more new features and creative gameplay.


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