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Bridge Race

Size : 151M Version : 3.1.0
Developer : Supersonic Studios LTD
Updated : April 4, 2022
Size : 219 MB Version : 3.1.0
Developer : Supersonic Studios LTD
Updated : April 6, 2022

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Frank  ( Age: 26 from United Kingdom )

In Bridge Race, we just need to use our fingers to move the screen and make the little figure collect colored blocks, and use these squares with specific colors to build the bridge as fast as possible. Generally speaking, this game is relatively easy, so players do not need to play this game under pressure, and the operation of this game is really responsive. It is Perfect for killing time.

Amy  ( Age: 25 from United Kingdom )

This racing game is super fun and easy to play with simple control yet competitive mechanism. It is not super strategically demanding and players can enjoy a pure pleasure of racing and wining. The game also adds little twists to spice it up with various bridge types and landscapes to avoid a mechanic bridge building drill. Plus, it allows you to mess up with other players and those potential looters!

Editing and description of

Bridge Race is a competitive mobile game based on the construction of bridges. It is said that this game was launched by a supersonic studio. In this game, players can command stickmen dressed in different colors to collect and match themselves in the field. Bricks with the same skin color lay these bricks on the bridge frame, and then you can build your bridge. In order to enhance the entertainment of the game, there are fewer bridge frames that can be built at each level.


This game is the legendary brick-moving game, which is actually very relaxing and decompressing. This game mainly relies on collecting and building bridges and then adding competitive attributes to the game by snatching the few bridge frames. So this game is very entertaining, and the antagonism of this competitive attribute is also very much in line with the interests of many players. The picture of Bridge Race adopts the shape of a stickman, which is very distinctive. The characters in the game look very realistic when they collect bricks.


The level background of the game is an endless ocean, which also brings players a more realistic entertainment experience. Although no player will fall into the water in the game, it can still bring a lot of associations to the player through the screen of the scene. From the point of view of practical experience, this game has a strong competitive color. Because whether it is collecting bricks, laying bridges to compete for the chance to reach the end, or passively counterattacking, covering the bridges built by the enemy with the bricks collected by yourself, etc. These invisible confrontations always exist in the game. Moreover, with the setting of triple levels, players need to pass three consecutive levels of the same level, and players need to pass three consecutive levels to the same level in order to survive and win the game.

How to play

Regarding the gameplay of this game, the gameplay of Bridge rice is mainly divided into two parts, one is collecting, and the other is building bridges. The map of each level in the game is very similar. At the beginning of the game, six to eight people will collect bricks of the same color as themselves in the same open field, and then each player chooses one of the bridge frames to lay. When the bridge laid by the player is completely completed, then the player can enter the next field.


However, since the number of bridge frames that can be laid is less than the number of players, for example, there are six to eight people to lay the bridge, but only four bridges can be laid, so the players will compete for these limited bridge frames. At this time, players need to compete for the ownership of the bridge by covering other people's colors. In other words, you can cover other people's colors, as long as you move fast enough, other people's colors can be completely disappeared, then this bridge is yours. And a very interesting point is that when players collect bricks, they can knock down competitors in the field. If they are knocked down, the competitor will take a certain amount of time to recover, and he will lose the collected bricks. A few bricks, then this is a good strategy to get ahead of the opponent.


Also, although the first level looks simple, it's not easy. Because three bridges are waiting for players to build in each level, whether you are the first to pass through the first level or the last to pass through, you may win the level in the future. After the player wins a certain level, for example, when he is the first to complete the task of laying bridges, he will get more bounty, and this bounty can help him unlock the next level, which can help him continue to upgrade. Of course, in the process of upgrading, the difficulty of laying bridges will become higher and higher, so this also increases the challenge and play-ability of this game.


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