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Bricks Ball Crusher

Size : 101M Version : 1.3.71
Developer : PoseidonGames
Updated : April 8, 2022
Size : 273.4 MB Version : 1.1.86
Developer : PoseidonGames
Updated : Apr 2, 2022

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Luna  ( Age: 37 from Canada )

The difficulty of Bricks Ball Crusher is not that overwhelming, and we can easily get three stars in the first few stages. The entire game is simple to play and we can pick it up very soon. Some of the rewards of the game are also very rich, for example, we can get a lot of gold coins. After successfully completing some levels, our sense of accomplishment will also increase.

Sally  ( Age: 29 from America )

The design of this game is very simple, but very classic, we can see a lot of squares marked with numbers in the game. We can aim at one position in the puzzle and successfully make the ball bounce in the maze of the game and destroy all the squares. In the game we can also use some special tools to help us complete the level faster.

Editing and description of

Bricks Ball Crusher is developed by Poseidon Games and it is a classic brick-elimination game available on Android and iOS platforms for mobile device players. The game is free for installation with further in-app purchase options that remove the ads and allow players to connect with brick breakers throughout the world. The concept and goal of the game are very straightforward. As it is clearly indicated in its game title, it contains two core gaming objects: the bricks and the balls; and the primary motion involved is to crush. Players use the balls they have(regular or skilled ones) to crush as many bricks as they can in the given time and limited number of balls. They need to eliminate all the bricks on their gaming interface with the designated balls within the time while keeping the leftover bricks from dropping to the ground. Game progress is made on a level basis and the difficulty climbs up as the game proceeds. Meanwhile, players can opt from normal playing mode to rescue mode and the intimidating lifesaving mode. Besides, a considerate touch of customization is also possible at some point in the game where players can create their own unique level and share it with other players online. In general, this game adopts a classic brick elimination gameplay with easy but intuitive motion control. The target is clear and the reward comes along accordingly. With the in-game earnings, players can purchase useful power-ups and boosters in coping with harder challenges. Therefore, this game is easy to understand and uncomplicated to play for all players, although new gamers need some practice to better control the aiming and shooting motions. The gaming sessions are short and there are numerous levels to play, which makes this game a great time killers and mood changer in between daily routines.

How to play

This game involves one simple goal with flexible motion control methods. To eliminate the bricks on the screen within the limits on time and number of balls, players need to practice to find better angles to effectively clear their targets. The gaming control is simple through tapping, holding and swiping the touch screen to aim and shoot the bricks with balls. To start each level, players will be assigned with at least 10 balls depending on the specific hard level. They pick the ball to aim from certain angle so that they can hit as many target bricks as they can in one shot. The bricks are marked with numbers inside them, and upon being crushed, the corresponding numbers of each brick will add up the number of balls players have in the following game. The scores of each level will be calculated by the number of bricks being crushed and rewards will be given according to the performance of players. If they win a three-star rating with rewarding coins, they move on to the new level. Plus, if players play strategically, they will be given extra diamonds with which they can purchase useful power-ups such as rockets, satellites and extra-time that are super helpful in difficult levels. Furthermore, players can opt for different playing modes, unlock new skill balls and discover secret boosters. The basic gaming mechanism remains the same in normal, rescue and lifesaving modes, but the later two include extra twists and challenges for confident players who are ready for harder obstacles and goals. 


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This is the best game I have ever played in a year
2023-02-02 20:45:45 From Foltu