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Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games

Size : 166M Version : 1.7.3
Developer : Matchingham Games
Updated : April 8, 2022
Size : 231.3 MB Version : 1.7.6
Developer : Matchingham Games
Updated : Mar 10, 2022

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Chris  ( Age: 24 from Russia )

A comprehensive brain training and intelligence game incorporates multiple forms of brain exercises, such as riddles and clue-detective puzzles. Besides, there are also picture-styled puzzles that helps you build better observation skills. In Braindom2, you must summon all your senses and think outside the box. Those bite-size pieces of challenges offer you daily brain exercise on the go, and it definitely enhances your sharpness and capability in handling details. 

Norma  ( Age: 29 from Canada )

Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games is very fun, you can play with your friends and see who can complete more levels. Each question has some difficulty, and sometimes we need to use our own observation to get the correct answer.The game has a lot of puzzles, we can keep testing ourselves without limit. When you come up with the right answer, your sense of accomplishment will increase.

Editing and description of

Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games is an intellectual casual game. It is said that the player's brain can be trained during the game. The reason why it is considered an intellectual game that can help people train their brains is because it can help us get rid of our usual way of thinking and help players think from a new angle and way.


First of all, the levels of this game are very challenging. Players will move between fun word puzzles, brain tests, and IQ games, and have a good time in the process. Unlike most IQ games, this game is dedicated to boosting your IQ, tricking you, and challenging your mindset and habits of mind. It trains your brain in a very fun and ridiculous way. Not only that, but this game is also completely free, it has a very high ranking and recognition. There are very rich levels in the game, people can play from the lowest level to the higher level. As the level increases, the difficulty of the game will also increase. When I was playing this game, I often encountered some multiple-choice questions in the early stage, such as letting you choose which person is the father of a child. At this time, the player needs to find some clues based on the existing pictures and scenes, for example, the photos hanging on the wall, etc., to determine which person is the father of the child. So I think this game not only tests people's reasoning ability but also tests people's carefulness and observation ability. This game can help us train our thinking and logic, and improve our ability to observe things. If we really can't find relevant clues, we can also click the hint button at the bottom of the screen, and we will get some hints, but these hints are not in vain. After a limited number of hints, we need to watch advertisements. The number of times to exchange hints. So in the later stages, when we can't find the right answer, we need to watch the 30-second ad to get some clues.

How to play

The game is very simple to play, mostly multiple-choice questions. In the game, the system will generally give a background, such as in a forest, in the playground or the classroom, and so on. The setting of the scene is very important because we need to judge the problem according to these scenes, so as to give the correct answer. Different problems will arise in different scenarios, and of course, different clues will be provided. We need to have our own evidence when making choices, we can click on our evidence and then click on the correct option so that we can move on to the next level. Looking for evidence is actually very attractive. We need to observe the content of the entire picture, make associations according to the setting of the question, and give reasonable evidence to prove that our answer is correct. This process requires us to constantly think about the problem of the scene and the clues provided in the scene. We have to be observant and be very careful with all items in the game interface. If we really can't find relevant clues, we can also click the button of the hint, and the system will help us circle the evidence we want to get, so as to guide us on what the correct answer is. But the number of hints is limited, we can't just rely on the number of hints forever, and after the number of hints is used up, players will have to watch certain advertisements. Generally, an advertisement is 30 seconds. This process is a waste of time, so the best way is to judge and observe these problems by yourself, open your own thinking, conduct brainstorming, find evidence, and choose the correct answer. Only then can the player proceed to the next level. Of course, in general, the next level will be more difficult, because as the level is upgraded, the difficulty of the game will become higher and higher. Of course, in this process, players will also get certain rewards, such as crowns or points and gold coins, which will bring a great sense of achievement and driving force to the players and keep them enthusiastic.


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