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Boss Life 3D

Size : 124M Version : 1.1.49
Developer : Alictus
Updated : April 1, 2022
Size : 183.9 M Version : 1.1.21
Developer : Alictus
Updated : April 5, 2022

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Gary  ( Age: 22 from Russia )

Boss Life 3D provides us with a platform to be a boss, and we can supervise employees in it. Then we can also decide whether to hire or dismiss employees, so we have a lot of autonomy in this office. And this game also allows us to expand our company on the premise that we have enough money, which can stimulate our desire to pass the levels.

Shirley  ( Age: 35 from Russia )

The biggest highlight of Boss Life 3D is that it allows you to experience life as a boss. Maybe in our lives we are just 996 workers, obeying the boss's orders every day and doing things we don't want to do. But this game gives us a new opportunity to experience a different life. As a boss, your life will be richer, dare to give it a try.

Editing and description of

Boss life 3D is a mobile game that simulates the experience of leisure. It is very simple. The player plays the boss of a company in the game and walks into the office to enjoy his professional life. Bosses can choose to hire different types of employees, or they can play tricks on employees, during employee interviews. Even throwing their resume in a shredder is OK. Compared with the daily life as a worker, in this game, you can more experience how a day as a boss is spent, allowing you to enjoy the joy of being a boss.


In life, many of us are migrant workers in 996, and we also have our bosses to deal with. They may be very difficult to deal with and have very high demands on us. We may also feel oppressed. So in this game, you can become a real boss, and you can enjoy life like a boss. When an employee works hard for performance, as a boss, you can choose to encourage him, or you can choose to play tricks on him. When the performance of the employees is exciting, you as the boss can also reward your employees, and even in the company's recruitment, the boss can also interview employees. As a boss, you hold the power and control of the fate of the interviewee. This sense of happiness is often stronger than that of migrant workers in real life.


This game adopts a 3D art style in terms of art. Whether it is the game scene or the shape of the characters, it presents a standard European and American style. The lines are very realistic. In terms of color, it also adopts the high brightness and high saturation popular in Europe and America. characteristics, borrowed strongly. Bright colors bring players a strong color visual experience. From the actual operation experience, Boss life3D, as a popular game, caters to the public's thirst for knowledge about the boss's daily life, allowing more ordinary users and ordinary workers to experience the so-called boss's game according to their ideas. The boss life can fascinate many people.

How to play

Regarding the gameplay of this game, the gameplay of this experiential game is very simple, because the system will give us a lot of tips and instructions. For example, on the first day, the system will give us the tasks to be done. There will be an arrow in the game screen to guide us on what to do. We can do it according to the direction of the arrow. The system will arrange tasks for us, but this system only provides us with a scenario, but as the boss, we can choose how to do it. For example, we can choose to encourage employees, give them money. And of course, we can choose to criticize employees, trick employees, etc.


As bosses, we can also have our subordinates serve us. For example, we can ask our subordinates to pour us a cup of coffee, make some cookies, etc. And we can sit in our own office, waiting in our chairs for the staff to serve us. So in this process, it is very appealing, we can enjoy the treatment as the boss. Also, because the game is set in an office, as the boss we have a separate office of our own. As a company, there are many employees. Then we can assign our employees to complete different tasks. We can see that many roles are employees, and we need to guide these employees. For example, we need to sign and so on. At the top of the game is the progress bar, which explains the first, second, or third days, and then there will be a currency display in the upper left corner, telling us how much we spent and how much we have left. Every time we complete some tasks, we will get some currency, and the amount of money in our upper left corner will increase.


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