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Board Kings: Board dice game

Size : 150M Version : 4.16.1
Developer : Jelly Button Games
Updated : April 5, 2022
Size : 224.6 MB Version : 4.16.0
Developer : Jelly Button Games
Updated : April 1, 2022

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Nicholas  ( Age: 36 from Italy )

Board Kings: Board dice game is a really fun multi player game, so as we play we can roll the dice and race against other players to see who can successfully build our own Board. The biggest highlight of this game is its 3D image quality, so when we roll the dice, and when we make some moves, it is very vivid and interesting to see.

Yihan  ( Age: 26 from China )

Board Kings: Board dice game is a town building board game that players love. The game requires players to have a little strategy and a little luck. Players simply move the number of dice they rolled across the board. The cartoon board aesthetic of the game is vibrant and fun. It is not to be missed for players who are looking for a small game to play with friends.

Editing and description of

Developed by Jelly Button Games, Board Kings: Board Dice Game as its name suggests, is a casual online board game made for mobile devices on both iOS and android platforms. It is a multiplayer online game that players can enjoy with their friends and other players. It is absolutely a crowd favorite for its fun and easy gaming rule and interactive features. The gameplay is simple and dice-rolling driven. The dice rolling results decide your moves on the board and you make decisions on what to spend your earned gold coins on. Therefore, the game incorporates both random luck with personal decision-making. Besides, the contents in this game are diverse and players will be preoccupied by many on-going activities and events, including city building, attending dwelling bunnies, defending your city and property, attacking others and taking revenge etc. As players move along the way, they’re also occasionally rewarded with special surprising bonuses; what’s more, when they move forward into higher level of the game, they will be given better boards with greater items and offers. Players can connect the game to their social networking and visit their friends’ cities, where they can blast through and make a whole mess and damage; they can also play other tricks for more personal gains, such as stealing your fiends’ property and looting their valuable gains. Therefore, this game is mostly appreciated for its actively interactive features. Most players enjoy the attacks and counterattacks with others and this adds a lot more fun to the gameplay. 

How to play

Board Kings: Board Dice Game is based on a very simple and conventional gaming mechanism: players simply take moves by rolling the dice and change their positions according to the dice results. This part of the game is unpredictable and luck-driven. However, players also get to use their strategies and wit to make decisions with the coins they earn while moving around the board. With the coins, they can conduct and carry out various activities, such as building their own cities with many different facilities and buildings; or they also need to defend their cities by deploying more police forces. Besides, they can also visit their friends’ cities, where they can do a brunch of exciting and naughty things such as damaging the town and looting its valuables. This would enhance players’ rewards and earnings in the game, which helps them expand their board and level up for better boards. At the same time, players also need to watch out and keep an eye on their own properties as their competitors may come invade as well. To defend your own city, with the help of the police, players can also gain extra rewards and bonuses. Plus, players can also set on an auto play mode which allows them to make more moves within a shorter amount of time, which generates more coins and unique bonuses that give an edge to the player. 


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