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Best Fiends - Match 3 Puzzles

Size : Varies with device Version : 10.4.2
Developer : Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
Updated : April 5, 2022
Size : 645.2 MB Version : 10.4.2
Developer : Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
Updated : Mar 28, 2022

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Ralph  ( Age: 21 from America )

This game is more than a match 3 time killer. You can enjoy the traditional merge and blast gameplay with an engaging adventure storyline. It’s a novel combination for games in this category and the characters are so well designed and adorable, which adds more fun and joy while you blasting your way through. The story saves you from grinding levels with a sense of glory. 

Jean  ( Age: 33 from China )

It is with a very interesting story line in Best Fiends - Match 3 Puzzles, which makes this game not that boring, and in the game we can collect a wide range of characters which are about 50 kinds. You will find that the looks of these characters are all not the same but all are adorable, and as we complete the levels, we can also encounter many surprises too.

Editing and description of

Best Fiends-Match 3 Puzzles is a new mobile casual release of the Best Fiends universe. It is created by Seriously Digital and free for downloading on iOS and Android platforms, with in-app purchase options. The game combines a classic match 3 game rule with a fun engaging plot, which adds more nice touches and twists and turns in the gaming experience. There are over six thousand levels for players to challenge and being targeted as a super flexible casual game, this game is run on super short gaming sessions, which means players can pick up their mobile devices and get a kick of it anytime they wish, especially for those who are on the go with fragmented downtime slots, this game is a stressless time killer and mind changer for everyone. Other than the conventional gaming content where players move through level to level by meeting up the goals of each challenge session, this game also proceeds with a storyline and players are not only solving a separate puzzle of each level, they are also moving forward with the dynamic of the plot, solving bigger puzzles of the whole story. Best Fiends - Match 3 Puzzles is generally quite well-received in multiple platforms and app stores, with an average 4.6 rating out of 5. Most users find this game very easy to play without fast-paced gaming sessions. It’s relaxing and stress free for players with limited time or mind space. Some of them would also find this game quite addictive as there are endless levels to play. 

How to play

The basic gameplay mechanism of Best Fiends- Match 3 Puzzles is still a traditional one as its name suggests. And the game progress is made through achieving the preset goals of each individual level, where players match at least 3 consecutive objects of the same color or shape and blast through them to defeat the enemies; they also need to collect certain number of objects set in the goal. Those objects can be helpful in generating special powers in the game. Only when players meet the minimum requests of the level, can they move on to the next one. At the same time, players also get to collect adorable characters, known as the creatures living in Minutia, where the story takes place. Each character has its own unique power in the effort of defeating the common enemy slugs. Players can level up the competence of those characters and form a team to confront the enemies. In doing so, players can line up the characters of the same color to create extra powerful blast and those characters become heroes in the story.


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