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Size : 101M Version : 4.5.4
Developer : VOODOO
Updated : March 29, 2022
Size : 182.5 MB Version : 4.5.7
Developer : VOODOO
Updated : Mar 30, 2022

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Jesse  ( Age: 24 from Switzerland ) has a smooth game control so there is no sensible delay. This game can let you experience the fun of competition, because in the process of playing the game, you need to stop others from getting to the finish line before you, and you'll have to use facilities in the game in this game help you reach the finish line.

Kathryn  ( Age: 22 from Sweden )

Typical Voodoo casual game with fast-paced game sessions and the right amount of intensity. The setting and gameplay are super fun. Sliding through a complicated waterway above the water and ground, dodging obstacles and actively engaging other competitors by kicking and bumping them up in the air. It’s simple, fun and super exciting to play. Plus, a racing game with so many twists surely brings more than what you expected.  

Editing and description of is a very funny multiplayer sliding competitive game. In the game, players will compete on the slide for entertainment. There are a large number of players on this slide, and we can control the direction of the slide by tapping the screen so that we can compete with players from all over the world. This game is a very good casual video game. The graphics of the game are very simple and comfortable. The design of the slides is very reasonable. The simple graphics and relaxing music add a lot of attractiveness to this game. The background music is also very dynamic, and the game as a whole has a cute style. In this game, players can control the sliding direction by touching the screen with their fingers.


What is particularly attractive about this game is that it has a strong interactive function and sociality because there are many players on the slide, players can see their rankings through the competition, we can invite our friends or family to a Getup and play this game. These current-changing ranking settings will motivate players to slide faster and strive for better rankings. Therefore, players will continue to challenge themselves and continue to slide to achieve higher scores. In addition, the screen interface of the game will always display your position. In the game, you can always know your ranking and the distance you have slid, and you can also adjust your strategy based on this information. The biggest disadvantage of this game is that it has a lot of advertisements, and every level will have advertisements, which can easily make players lose patience.

How to play

The mechanics of this game are very simple. The main thing is that we control the screen with our hands to control the sliding direction of the game character. For example, we can make our character slide left or right by touching the screen, or we can make our character fly in the sky, and then change to a new track, there is no problem. In addition, there will be a progress bar at the top of the game screen, showing the distance we slide and our ranking at all times. This progress bar changes in real-time, it reminds us which level we are currently at, which further motivates the player to slide faster and reach the finish line earlier. When players reach the end, they will fall into a pool, and our ranking will appear at the top of the screen. At the same time, the number of gold coins we obtained in this round will also be displayed on the screen.


This game looks relatively simple, but it still requires a lot of skill if the player wants to win. Because the sliding track is not straight, it has very intricate shapes and shapes, and sometimes it is difficult to tell which track is better. Therefore, players need to master certain skills and fly in exchange for a better track in order to get a better ranking. During the glide, we also pay special attention to try not to collide with other opponents, as this will slow us down. But if the player's operation is particularly good, he can also deliberately hit the opponent and let him fall off the track, so that there is one less competitor.


In addition, in higher-level levels, we will encounter some obstacles in the track, such as some boxes. We have to pay attention to avoid these boxes. If we hit these boxes, our sliding speed will be slowed down, which is not conducive to us getting a good ranking.


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