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Airport Security

Size : 133M Version : 1.4.0
Developer : Kwalee Ltd
Updated : April 1, 2022
Size : 201 MB Version : 1.4.0
Developer : Kwalee Ltd
Updated : April 1, 2022

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Eugene  ( Age: 27 from Australia )

In Airport Security, you can experience the daily life of an airport staff, and you have to deal with different people every day. And the part you are responsible for is very important for the safety of the whole airport. In this game, all the processes of airport security check will be truly simulated, so it is also a relatively easy and fun game.

Theresa  ( Age: 23 from Canada )

This game is both realistic and funny. It has a very lighthearted style even if players are dealing with potential criminals. The interrogation conversations are well written with jokes and unexpected lines that constantly brings you good laughers. Plus the arresting scenes are also hilarious and encouraging players to keep moving into the game, where they would encounter more passengers and more cool stuff.  

Editing and description of

Airport security is a mobile game with a simulation experience. The background of this game is airport security inspection. In the game, players will play the role of security guards at the airport and use various technological means to ensure the safety and peace of the city. Players need to prevent dangerous characters from coming out to harm society, and also need to prevent the appearance of prohibited items.


Airport security simulates the security inspection process of the airport and presents the problems in each security inspection step to the players in the form of cases. This game can help players understand the various security inspection steps at the airport, enhance the player's safety common sense, and also help players become real qualified airport security officers. The art style of airport security adopts a 3D cartoon style. It is particularly cute and simple in character building. Regarding the construction of the scene, this game refers to the passage design of some airports, which has certain practicality.


In the game, the due visual effects and visual experience are also achieved in all aspects of the security check. When players check their passports, they can use scanners to find the corresponding suspects, and arrest and detain the suspects. During this process, the player needs to check the suspect's belongings. At this time, the scanner can also check the suspicious items. This scanner is equivalent to an X-ray in real life. When checking luggage, one can understand the shape of prohibited items.


So from the point of view of practical operation, Airport security is a very classic casual game, and it is also a very meaningful simulation game. Because it allows players to imitate the workflow and specific content of airport security personnel, and use different interactive forms to restore, to present the core part of airport security work to players, allowing players to have a newer understanding and understanding of security checks.

How to play

The game mechanics of this game are very rich and interesting. Players play the role of airport security personnel in a modern airport, conducting security checks on every passenger. For example, players need to compare whether the passport information of passengers is consistent, and also need to search whether there are prohibited items in the passenger's carry-on. At the same time, players must also check passengers' luggage through security inspection equipment to see if there are prohibited items such as guns and ammunition.


In the game, the system will give some passenger information, but the player also needs to ask the passenger's information to check to ensure the security of the airport. For example, the player will ask the passenger why he is carrying powdered items, why he is wearing a hat, why he is wearing very thick clothes, etc. The job of airport security personnel is to control and eliminate all dangers in the bud.


If the game goes well and the airport is not in danger, the player can level up, as well as earn a certain amount of money and points. So this game allows players to experience a very complete airport security check process. Throughout the process, players can also choose their security style and more.


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